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Deskripsi Perusahaan

Ziel Kids is a local kids fashion brand that takes part in contributing to the growth of kids fashion since the beginning of 2018, led by the mission to create joyful memories to all parents and kids in Indonesia through fashionable outfits. Proven to this day, over 30.000 mothers have become our loyal customers, and over 75.000 products have been sold to multiple cities all over Indonesia.

To realize the vision of becoming the top of mind and most wanted kids fashion brand in Indonesia, Ziel Kids prioritizes quality and comfort through the selective curation of materials, guaranteed with “kids approved” as children feel the comfort while looking fashionable. Ziel Kids also continues to strive in achieving the vision and mission through the establishments of partnerships with parties varying from businesses, marketplaces, logistics, up until payment platforms, that enhances the convenience throughout the shopping experience.

Ziel Kids continues to grow rapidly from time to time, supported by individuals who work smart and are willing to improve through the constructive ideas and innovation that have been developed. Excellent communication between individuals is a crucial key to a solid team. We incredibly support respectful and open communication so that everyone can share their thoughts and opinions.

The Ziel Team consists of young adults that can make their creative ideas come to life and also possess the opportunities to explore their personality, ideas and talents. Figuratively, Ziel Kids is similar to a car moving/driving at a rapid pace, along with a balanced team. The skills and personalities of every individual will continue to flourish through numerous interesting/exciting projects. We thoroughly promote and facilitate every individual through various skill development trainings.