Sanggar Jiwa Bertumbuh

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Deskripsi Perusahaan

Sanggar Jiwa Bertumbuh is a Collaborative Space that recognizes Mental Health Issue as a community matter affecting us all. Providing education, support and services.

We are dedicated to empower Youth, Adults, Families, Corporate,  and the greater Community to transform and grow.

We work for the day mental health is considered as essential as physical health and stigma is a belief of the past.

Sanggar Jiwa Bertumbuh Cover Every Aspect of Life (Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit)

BODY – Material, Health, Career, Business, Productivity, Longevity.

MIND – Creativity, Imagination, Intelectual, Creation, Idea, Cognitive Health, Logical Thinking, Conceptual and Philosophy.

SOUL – Managing Your Emotion, Knowing Your Soul, The Energy within You, Vitality, Magnetism, Dynamic Direction, Dynamic Action, Attraction.

SPIRIT – Connection with the Higher SELF.

“Carl Jung is regarded as one of the pioneers who explored Human Psyche.”

What differs him from others is that he recognized human beings as Meaning-Seeking and Meaning-Creating Creatures. Here in Sanggar Jiwa Bertumbuh, you will be guided to find meaning of your purposes, your True SELF identity, or guide you when you feel stuck. With reconcile the past to the present for the future through the fundamental aspects of Carl Jung’s psychology, masterson approach, reichian body psychotherapy, assagioli’s psychosynthesis, human design, and huber astrology. All these aspects come from psychology dynamic and transpersonal psychology.

We also enable you to apply these insights in your day to day life, grow, mind, body, soul, spirit, in harmony towards wholeness.