PT Unikids indonesia

  • Jl.Bidara Raya no.29, Kel.Jatipulo, Kec.Palmerah, Jakarta Barat (Tomang)


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Deskripsi Perusahaan

PT Unikids Indonesia was established in 2010, started out with bringing an innovative consumer goods product from Australia and introducing the product to retailers in Indonesia. Along the way, the company develops a good relationship with market leading retailers and consistently providing gateway for local entrepreneurs and international company to enhance the distribution of their products to retailers in Indonesia.

Currently, PT Unikids Indonesia has developed a long-term partnership with more than 10 market leading retailers comprise of more than 70 middle to high end retail stores which spread mostly in Jakarta and other big cities.

In accordance to the vision and mission, PT Unikids Indonesia will continuously at its best providing gateway for the consumer goods manufacturer and enhance the distribution of the products to the retail market.