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Deskripsi Perusahaan

Diacon Technologies aspire to deliver Smart Healthcare for the society, with the principle that everybody deserves an affordable and high quality healthcare services. ​​
Our purpose is to provide a platform with blockchain capabilities that will secure healthcare information within the platform. We believe the platform can be very effective on delivering patient records in a consistent and real-time manner, which can be only accessible via a smart contract after patient authorization. Our ultimate goal is to provide an optimized healthcare environment where the health data is structured and secured, thus leading to better data utility and improved patient care outcome.
Our Vision & Mission is to provide a excellent experience and cost effective for all stakeholders in wider healthcare ecosystem, by collaborating state of the art  and shared technologies with the leading and  innovative industry expertise
As a new startup company we are warmly open for candidates that want to grow their skills while also brings  a good impact for the society. 
By providing a Health Information Exchange Platform that helps the Healthcare Provider or stakeholder deliver Personalized Care to her patient, in order to treat and care their patients with their best abilities, given limited time and resources. A platform that safe, effective, patient centered, intelligent, equitable for every stakeholder in order to achieve Improvement on level and equity of health
At Diacon Medica Teknologi we are using the latest technology of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain,  and apply it into our solution. By leveraging this technologies we believe it will benefits all stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem.