Museum of Toys

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The Museum


Welcome to the Museum of Toys!


The first museum of designer toys in Indonesia, Museum of Toys houses a great collection of designer toys from top local and international toy designers. The museum features the personal collection of Win Satrya and several other collectors, gathered over the course of 15 years. 


“That’s crazy!” you say. We agree. The question is, what makes designer toys so appealing? What makes them so valued that some collectors buy them as a trophy–a prized possession to be displayed at home or at work? 


Enter the wondrous world of designer toys. Featured are a wide-range of designer toys and works based on three of the most recognized platform toys, Qee, Dunny, and Trexi. The hundreds of figures displayed are the works of five of our highlighted artists along with hundreds of local and international artists under various brands, each with their own unique style, design philosophy, and historical value. 


See how the artists breathe their own artistic styles and influence into a 3D form and the blank figure canvas. Discover how the street culture of hip-hop and skateboarding influences Michael Lau’s works. See Coarse’s passion for sculpting in every curve of their surreal creations. Ron English’s boldness as a street art veteran and Joe Ledbetter’s comic influences are visible in every one of their pieces. How fluently Indonesian artists such as Kurobokan, Kong Andri, Silvia Tampi, Abell Octovan, and many others add their unique perspectives to the medium. It is art, as you have never seen before.


Over the years, designer toys have grown as an art form. It marks a significant transition from conventional toys that are limited by the license and traditions that bind them to a more dynamic and colourful option that lets the creator’s imagination run wild. Experience it for yourself and be inspired.