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Deskripsi Perusahaan

JILBRAVE is a fast fashion brand that has the vision to inspire Indonesia’s young generation to do good every day by becoming a symbol of fashion and lifestyle. We have been established since 2017 and always strive to create product designs that are up to date with the times to become top of mind brand in the young generation’s fashion category. We work to create fashion products that are updated to follow fashion trends to make the young generation appear fashionable, modest, and stylish. JILBRAVE has the tagline ‘Support Single Every Step of Goodness’ This tagline means that we believe that every small step of good initiated by the younger generation will later become good and progress for the Indonesian nation. We also have a core value of Work for Allah, Let’s Grow Up!, No Baper Baper, Wkwkwk and Do the Right Thing.